Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Health reports 12-18th March 2018

Mental Health Foundation - Health Inequalities report 2018

Royal College of Physicians
NHS reality check: update 2018

This report outlines the findings of a survey of more than 1,500 NHS doctors which explored their experience of delivering care in the UK health service. It finds that doctors reported that conditions had got worse and NHS staff, who have benefited from some of the best medical education in the world, were not able to provide the standard of care they had been trained to deliver.

Forgotten not Fixed: A Blueprint to Tackle the Increasing Burden
of Malnutrition in England- British Nutrition Association.

CommonTime Instant messaging in the NHS: an exploration of the relationship between consumer messaging applications and modern healthcare delivery

Fast food outlets and obesity - IEA

Brexit reports 12-18th March 2018

Costing Brexit: what is Whitehall spending on exiting the EU? Institute of Government

Brexit and the NHS - UK in a changing Europe 

The land border between Northern Ireland and Ireland Northern Ireland Affairs Committee